Hello. I'm Matt.

Personal fact: Matthew Hess, is a Libertarian figure in Colorado. Occasionally running for office and always putting the rights of the individual first.

Why such a simple web page?

Let’s face it. You came here to find out about me. You didn’t come here to look at flashy graphics, stock photos of generic imagery, or useless widgets convincing you to cough up some of your cash. You wanted content and that is what I deliver. No gimmicks, no confusion, no pop up ads, no auto play videos (nobody likes those, knock it off, internet), only straight forward information. This is all in my own voice and words (except for the videos). Enjoy.

“Just because it is cool and complex doesn’t mean it will work well.”

Libertarian? What is that?

I could bore you silly with a big essay on this but I think this video does a good job and it’s more entertaining than an essay would be.

Here’s a more in-depth video about the underlying philosophy.

Do Libertarians have real solutions that work? I’ve never seen it before.

We sure do. In fact some of the most popular ideas the major parties have had were based on our principles. Unfortunately, when they get it wrong they blame us like it was our fault when in reality it was their corruption of our ideas that caused the failure.

Here’s a neat video series called “Reason saves Cleveland”.

Aren’t you worried that you will look unprofessional with this website?

Not at all. I think people are tired of professional politicians and businessmen telling them what to do, how to think, what to eat, and who to vote for. We need regular people back in office, teachers, plumbers, electricians, nurses, and every other career possible is needed and should be represented. Just look at congress. Everywhere you turn is either a lawyer, career politician, or businessman but where is the rest of life?

It’s supposed to be “We the People”, not “Just us, the oligarchy”.

I’m desperate for social validation. Please, help me!

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