Hello. I'm Matt.

Campaign fact: Libertarian, Matthew Hess, is running for Colorado House District 28.

Why such a simple web page?

Let’s face it. You came here to find out about me. You didn’t come here to look at flashy graphics, stock photos of generic imagery, or useless widgets convincing you to cough up some of your cash just so I can hold an office. You wanted content and that is what I deliver. No gimmicks, no confusion, no pop up ads, no auto play videos (nobody likes those, knock it off, internet), only straight forward information, just like my campaign. This is all in my own voice and words. Enjoy.

“Just because it is cool and complex doesn’t mean it will work well.”

Libertarian? What is that?

I could bore you silly with a big essay on this but I think this video does a good job and it’s more entertaining than an essay would be. I’ll let Dr. Ron Paul give a good summary.

Here’s a more in-depth video about the underlying philosophy.

Why are you qualified?

I can think of many reasons I am qualified:

“Really though, what qualifies someone is completely subjective and, in fact, only electing people that have held office before ensures a never ending cycle of career politicians. I think we’ve all had enough of that.”

Ok, Matt, what do you want to do if you are elected?

Well, let’s be honest, if there is any politician running for a legislative (house or senate) seat and they promise to fix something they are flat out lying to everyone. The hard truth is that NO legislative office holder can do anything all by themselves. This stuff takes the effort of multiple people coming together to find common ground in order to accomplish things. That, or a monopoly by a specific group and nobody likes a monopoly.

Frankly, there hasn’t been a lot of coming together or common ground on much of anything besides raising taxes and further interfering with your life. That is what I would like to have a direct impact on. Showing people how to work together by attacking the root of problems and not just addressing the symptoms they caused last time around.

Fun fact: listening is a more important skill than responding

Do Libertarians have real solutions that work? I’ve never seen it before.

We sure do. In fact some of the most popular ideas the major parties have had were based on our principles. Unfortunately, when they get it wrong they blame us like it was our fault when in reality it was their corruption of our ideas that caused the failure.

Here’s a neat video series called “Reason saves Cleveland”.

I want to give you all the cash in my pocket, how do I donate?

Thank you but I’d rather you give your money to a soup kitchen or food bank. I’d just waste it on business cards, yard signs, and bumper stickers with a cute slogan like “Hess to fix the Mess” or other such nonsense. Really, I want you to keep your money and do something to improve the community yourself. You will have better ideas of how to do that than I would and you’ll feel good doing it too. This is a theme of my campaign and I’d be just like all the other lousy politicians if I did take your money.

My campaign will not take in a single cent from anyone. I do this to show people that I am completely different and a new breed of candidate who isn’t putting my financial interests before those of the people. I put my money where my mouth is and will only use my personal funds to run the necessities of the campaign.

“Every dollar released from taxation that is spared or invested will help create a new job and a new salary.” - President John F. Kennedy

Aren’t you worried that you will look unprofessional with this website?

Not at all. I think people are tired of professional politicians and businessmen telling them what to do, how to think, what to eat, and who to vote for. We need regular people back in office, teachers, plumbers, electricians, nurses, and every other career possible is needed and should be represented. Just look at congress. Everywhere you turn is either a lawyer, career politician, or businessman but where is the rest of life?

It’s supposed to be “We the People”, not “Just us, the oligarchy”.

I’m desperate for social validation. Please, help me!

Here’s just the thing you need; social media buttons! Now you may post all the straight forward awesome you found here today.

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